Sunday, May 8, 2011

Secrets of Plant Propagation By Lewis Hill

Learn the techniques of successful plant propogation and avoid mistakes and disappointments with expert advice from Lewis Hill. Grow beautiful, bountiful, healthy plants — and save money in the process!


"…this guide is a pleasure to read and a dependable source of suggestions for those who want to discover the satisfactions of real do- it- yourself programs." - Publishers Weekly

" Vermont nurseryman, Lewis Hill can keep you glued to your seat engrossed in a subject your not even sure you need to know- a talent much in evidence…" - The New York Times

" This book is well designed, full of good graphics and written in a personable style that makes for a pleasant reading…"- Sacramento Bee

" …the book is free of the mumbo jumbo that sometimes accompanies these subjects." - Hartford Courant

" Simply written, easy- to- follow, how- to-do- it books are worth their weight in rubies. Lewis Hill's Secrets of Plant Propagation is one of these books. - Hartford Cournat

" I find the information very clear. Numerous illustrations make the directions easy to follow."

- New York Post

" Detailed recommendations are listed for propagating…leaving the reader uncertain whether to finish the book to dash off, pruner's in hand to attempt the techniques so well described." - New York Times

" Hill has plenty of information to share with the hobbyist or budding nursery owner." - Booklist

“Loaded with information and expertise, this masterful work is recommended for the serious gardener.” – Spa Management

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